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Is Medellin Safe to Visit in 2024? Advice Direct from an Expat

  • March 16, 2024
  • 3 min read
Is Medellin Safe to Visit in 2024? Advice Direct from an Expat

Is Medellin, Colombia safe to visit in 2024? The answer, while nuanced, leans towards yes. Colombia, and Medellin in particular, has undergone significant transformations since the early 2000s.

The government’s dedicated efforts to modernize major tourist areas, improve safety, and rehabilitate the nation’s image have paid off, making Colombia a popular destination since the mid-2010s. While it’s true that Medellin may still present more risks compared to the average tourist destination, the reality is that most well-visited locations tend to be quite safe. Tourist hotspots, especially those recognized on platforms like TripAdvisor, including Medellin’s lively Parque Lleras, are generally secure.

The concerns about tourists encountering trouble often involve scenarios where individuals find themselves alone and intoxicated in less-frequented areas at night, or engaging in illegal activities.


For those planning a trip to Medellin, adopting standard travel precautions is advisable. This includes being discreet with valuables like electronics and jewelry and staying informed about which areas to avoid after dark. Consulting with accommodation providers, whether it’s a hostel, hotel, or Airbnb, can offer additional reassurance. These businesses thrive on ensuring their guests’ safety and can provide localized advice for navigating the city securely.

Each year, tens of thousands of international visitors experience Colombia without incident, even those who might partake in riskier behaviors. While it’s essential not to become complacent about personal safety, the overwhelming majority of travelers to Medellin and beyond enjoy their visits without any serious problems.

Ultimately, with a sensible approach to safety and an open mind, there’s no need for excessive worry. Medellin’s transformation into a vibrant, welcoming city is a testament to Colombia’s resilience and its rising status as a cherished travel destination.

Navigating Safety in Medellin

Safety Tips for Visiting Medellin: An Expat’s Perspective

To gain deeper insights into the evolving safety landscape of Medellin, GreetingsFromAbroad reached out to an American expatriate who has been residing in the city for five years. Drawing from their extensive experience living in Medellin, the expat offered straightforward advice to those considering a visit, aiming to dispel lingering concerns about safety.

“I live here in Medellin, you’ll be perfectly fine if you comport yourself,” they affirmed, emphasizing that the majority of safety concerns can be avoided with simple precautions. The expat advised against wandering through deserted streets after dark and cautioned against inviting unfamiliar individuals into one’s home. According to their perspective, adhering to these basic guidelines addresses approximately 95% of the common issues encountered by visitors.

This sage advice highlights the critical role of employing common sense while traveling in Medellin. By staying vigilant, sticking to well-populated areas during nighttime, and exercising discernment in social interactions, tourists can greatly reduce their exposure to risk.

Such precautions are not unique to Medellin but are wise practices in any urban setting worldwide. This guidance reinforces the notion that Medellin, much like any major city, can be a safe and enjoyable destination when visitors remain mindful of their surroundings and make safety-conscious decisions.

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