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Valletta, Malta Travel Guide 2024 – Where To Stay, Things to Do & Tips

  • March 16, 2024
  • 26 min read
Valletta, Malta Travel Guide 2024 – Where To Stay, Things to Do & Tips

Nestled on the scenic shores of the Mediterranean, Valletta, the capital city of Malta, stands as a testament to the island’s storied past. Founded in the 16th century by the Knights of St. John, Valletta’s history is etched into its fortress walls and reflected in its rich tapestry of art, architecture, and cultural heritage. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is a living museum, offering a remarkable experience for history enthusiasts and casual explorers alike.

Top Attractions in Valletta

Valletta is dotted with historical landmarks and cultural icons. They include:

St. John’s Co-Cathedral: A Baroque Masterpiece

St. John’s Co-Cathedral stands as a beacon of baroque architecture in Valletta. Built in the 16th century, its interior is a spectacle of ornate design, featuring intricate carvings, gilded finishes, and awe-inspiring frescoes. The cathedral is also home to two significant works by Caravaggio, including the renowned ‘The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.’ This artistic treasure offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of one of the most influential artists of the baroque era.

St. John's Co-Cathedral
St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta

Upper Barrakka Gardens: Panoramic Splendor

The Upper Barrakka Gardens provide a tranquil refuge within the city, offering stunning views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. Situated atop Valletta’s ancient bastions, the gardens are a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical significance, with well-maintained paths, lush greenery, and sculptures commemorating notable figures in Maltese history. The terrace, offering expansive vistas, is a favorite spot for photographers and those looking to take in the beauty of Malta’s landscape.

Upper Barkara Gardens
This is the brilliant view from the Upper Barkara Gardens.
Barkara Gardens
 Entrance to the Barkara Gardens

The Grand Master’s Palace: A Glimpse into Malta’s Governance

Originally serving as the residence of the Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller, the Grand Master’s Palace is now a pivotal site for Malta’s government, housing the President’s office and the House of Representatives. Visitors can explore the lavish State Rooms and the impressive Armoury, which boasts one of the largest collections of medieval arms and armor in the world. The palace’s architecture and collections provide insight into the grandeur of Malta’s knightly heritage and its historical governance structures.

National Museum of Archaeology: Journey through Malta’s Ancient Civilizations

The National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta offers a comprehensive exploration of Malta’s ancient past. From Neolithic artefacts to Phoenician period relics, the museum showcases the rich tapestry of cultures that have shaped the island. Highlights include intricate pottery, statues, and tools that offer a glimpse into the daily lives and rituals of Malta’s ancestors. This museum is a must-visit for those interested in archaeology and the early history of the Mediterranean region.

National Museum of Archaelogy
This is the National Museum of Archaelogy located in the heart of Valletta

War Museum: Malta’s Military History Unveiled

Housed in Fort Saint Elmo, the War Museum chronicles Malta’s military involvement, with a particular focus on its strategic role during the Second World War. The museum displays a wide array of memorabilia, including weapons, uniforms, and personal items that tell the story of the island’s resilience and strategic importance.

The Siege of Malta and the award of the George Cross to the island for bravery are among the key highlights, offering visitors a deep dive into the courageous spirit of the Maltese people during times of conflict.

Accommodation Options

From the opulent luxury of boutique hotels housed in restored palazzos to the charm of budget-friendly hostels, Valletta caters to all.

Boutique Hotels: Luxurious Elegance in Historical Settings

Valletta’s boutique hotels are a sanctuary of luxury, nestled within meticulously restored palazzos. These accommodations blend the architectural grandeur of Malta’s historical essence with the plush comforts of modern hospitality. Guests are treated to elegantly furnished rooms, where antique charm meets contemporary luxury, with nightly rates typically starting from around €150 to €300.

Many boutique hotels enhance the experience with exclusive amenities such as rooftop terraces, offering panoramic views of the harbor and cityscape—a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening or a serene morning. Personalized services, gourmet dining options, and spa facilities often accompany the stay, making these hotels ideal for those willing to indulge in a lavish retreat.

The Phoenicia Hotel
This is a picture of Valleta’s iconic Triton Fountain and the Phoenicia Hotel (which is the most prestigious hotel in the whole of Malta)

Budget-Friendly Hostels: Economical Charm with a Social Twist

For travelers keeping an eye on their expenses without sacrificing the charm of their stay, Valletta’s hostels present an attractive proposition. Offering both private rooms and shared dormitories, these hostels are priced to cater to a budget-friendly audience, with beds in a dormitory starting as low as €20 to €50 per night and private rooms around €50 to €100.

These accommodations are characterized by their communal spaces, such as shared kitchens and lounges, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere where guests can exchange stories and tips. Located within walking distance of Valletta’s central attractions, these hostels combine affordability with convenience, making them perfect for young travelers and those young at heart.

Mid-Range Accommodations: Comfortable Convenience in the City Center

Situated in the pulsating heart of Valletta, mid-range hotels and guesthouses offer a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience, with rates ranging from €80 to €150 per night. These accommodations provide well-equipped rooms with essential modern amenities—Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and en-suite facilities—ensuring a comfortable stay.

Many are housed in charming buildings, featuring quaint courtyards or terraces where guests can unwind. The strategic location means that Valletta’s rich tapestry of historical landmarks, vibrant eateries, and bustling shopping streets are just a stone’s throw away. This category is suited for travelers seeking a comfortable base for their city explorations without stretching their budget too thin.

Food and Dining

Maltese cuisine offers a rich tapestry of flavors and dishes that reflect the island’s Mediterranean heritage. Dining in Valletta, one can savor the traditional and hearty delights that have been passed down through generations.

  • Pastizzi: These are flaky, savory pastries filled with ricotta or mushy peas. Widely available at street vendors and cafes, they are a must-try snack for anyone visiting Malta. Prices are incredibly budget-friendly, with pastizzi typically costing between €0.40 to €1 each.
  • Rabbit Stew (Stuffat tal-Fenek): Considered the national dish, this slow-cooked stew is rich in flavor, marinated in wine and herbs. It’s a staple in many Maltese restaurants, with prices for a full meal ranging from €15 to €25, depending on the establishment.
  • Bragioli (Beef Olives): Thin slices of beef that are stuffed with a bunch of very delicious stuff ranging from minced meat to breadcrumbs. This is then slow-cooked in a tomato sauce. This dish is a delightful exploration of local flavors, with meals priced around €10 to €20.


Valletta’s Culinary Scene: From Casual Eats to Fine Dining

Valletta’s dining landscape caters to all tastes and budgets, from the simple pleasure of street food to the refined experiences offered by high-end restaurants.

  • Casual Eateries: For a quick and casual meal, the city’s many cafes and bistros offer a range of options, including sandwiches, salads, and traditional Maltese snacks. Prices for a light meal can range from €5 to €10. These spots are ideal for those looking to enjoy a bite amidst their city explorations, often featuring outdoor seating that allows for people-watching and soaking in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.
  • Fine Dining Restaurants: For those seeking an elevated dining experience, Valletta’s fine dining establishments offer meticulously prepared dishes, often with a modern twist on traditional Maltese cuisine. Menus feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients, with seafood being a prominent choice. Fine dining in Valletta can range from €25 to €50 per person for a three-course meal, excluding drinks. These restaurants often boast exquisite interiors or scenic views, enhancing the dining experience.
  • Harborside Meals: Dining by the harbor offers the dual delight of delicious food and mesmerizing views. Restaurants along the waterfront serve a variety of dishes, including freshly caught seafood, pasta, and international cuisine. Prices for a harborside meal can vary, but expect to pay between €15 to €30 for a main dish. The ambiance, coupled with the gentle sea breeze, makes for a memorable dining experience.
  • Quaint Cafes: Tucked away in Valletta’s narrow, winding streets are numerous quaint cafes, perfect for a leisurely breakfast or a mid-afternoon break. These cafes often serve coffee, cakes, pastries, and light snacks, with prices for coffee and a pastry around €3 to €7. They provide a cozy retreat and a chance to experience the slower pace of Maltese life.

Shopping and Markets

Ah, shopping in Valletta – it’s like wandering through a living, breathing tapestry of culture, history, and modern flair. Let’s take a leisurely stroll down Republic Street and Merchants Street, the heartbeats of Valletta’s shopping scene. Picture this: the warm Mediterranean sun on your skin, the buzz of the city life around you, and an array of shops inviting you in, each with its own story to tell.

Republic Street & Merchants Street: A Shopper’s Delight

Republic Street and Merchants Street are where the old meets the new in the most delightful way. Here, international brands offer the latest trends, sparkling in modern storefronts. But what truly captures the heart are the local artisans tucked in between. These craftspeople are the keepers of Maltese tradition, offering everything from hand-woven textiles to intricately crafted jewelry and pottery.

Imagine finding a unique piece that speaks to you, a memento of your Maltese adventure that’s as special as the island itself. And the best part? You’re directly supporting local talent. Prices can range from a few euros for small trinkets to more for bespoke artisanal creations, ensuring there’s something for every budget.

Republic Street
The famous Republic Street in Valletta

Open-Air Markets: A Feast for the Senses

For those who love the thrill of discovery, Valletta’s open-air markets are a must-visit. These vibrant gatherings pop up on various days throughout the week, each offering a glimpse into the local lifestyle. Imagine rows of stalls, each bursting with colors and aromas, from fresh, sun-kissed produce to antiques with stories etched in their surfaces.

It’s a place where you can haggle over a vintage find or sample the freshest local fruits and cheeses, all while soaking in the bustling atmosphere. Prices here are as varied as the goods on offer, with bargains and treasures waiting to be discovered.

Why Shop in Valletta?

Shopping in Valletta isn’t just about the items you take home; it’s about the experiences you’ll cherish. It’s the warmth of a smile from a local artisan as they tell you the story behind their craft. It’s the surprise of finding that perfect item you didn’t know you were looking for. And it’s the joy of being part of the vibrant tapestry that is Malta.

Republic Street

Festivals and Events

Oh, get ready to mark your calendars and dive into the vibrant, pulsating heart of Valletta’s festivals and events! This city is like a constantly unfurling tapestry of culture, color, and celebrations, making it a thrilling destination for those who love to immerse themselves in local traditions and arts.

Malta International Arts Festival

Kicking off with a bang, the Malta International Arts Festival is a feast for the senses. Imagine streets and venues across Valletta transforming into stages for world-class performances, ranging from music and dance to theatre and visual arts. This festival usually takes place in the warm, blissful summer months, making it perfect for an evening stroll from one show to another, under the starlit Mediterranean sky. It’s a fantastic way to experience cutting-edge art and performances, often with free or affordably priced tickets, ensuring everyone can join in the fun!

Valletta Baroque Festival

For those who have a soft spot for the elegance and grandeur of baroque music, the Valletta Baroque Festival is an absolute must-attend. Set in the historical ambiance of Valletta, with its centuries-old churches and palazzos, this festival truly brings the baroque era to life.

You’ll be transported back in time with the melodious strains of harpsichords, violins, and voices echoing through the ancient halls. It’s a unique opportunity to dress up a bit, if you wish, and soak in the timeless beauty of baroque music. Ticket prices vary, but there’s a range of performances to suit every budget.

The Famous Carnival

Now, let’s talk about the highlight of Valletta’s festival scene—the Carnival! This is when Valletta truly explodes into a riot of colors, music, and dance. Picture this: elaborate floats parading through the streets, people dressed in dazzling costumes, and the air filled with the sounds of laughter and music.

It’s an event that both locals and visitors eagerly anticipate each year. The best part? Much of the carnival is completely free to enjoy! Just bring your festive spirit (and maybe a mask or two), and you’re all set to join in the revelry.

Religious Feasts, or ‘Festas’

And then, there are the ‘festas’—a deeply rooted tradition that offers a peek into the soul of Malta. Each parish celebrates its patron saint with a blend of solemnity and festivity, featuring processions, statues adorned in rich decorations, and the night skies ablaze with fireworks.

The sense of community is palpable, with streets and houses decked out in lights and banners. These feasts are a fantastic way to experience Maltese culture, witness the locals’ devotion, and, of course, enjoy the festive atmosphere. Plus, you’ll often find stalls selling traditional food and treats, making it a delicious experience too.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re itching to soak up the sun and dive into some fun outdoor activities while in Valletta, you’re in for a treat. Let’s chat about some of the cool ways you can enjoy the great outdoors, Maltese style!

Harbor Cruise: A Chilled-Out Perspective

First up, why not kick back on a leisurely harbor cruise? Picture this: you’re floating along the crystal-clear waters, with the sun warming your face and a gentle breeze in your hair, all while taking in the stunning views of Valletta from an entirely new angle. These cruises offer a relaxed way to see the city’s historic architecture and fortifications from the comfort of a boat.

Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity for those Insta-worthy shots! Prices for these scenic cruises are pretty reasonable, often ranging from €10 to €20 per person. It’s a blissful way to spend an hour or two, just letting the world drift by.

A Stroll Through History: Exploring the Fortifications

For a more on-foot adventure, why not explore Valletta’s impressive fortifications? Walking around these historic walls feels like stepping back in time. You can wander at your own pace, free to imagine the battles and stories that these stones have witnessed over the centuries. It’s not just a walk; it’s a journey through Malta’s rich history.

And the best part? It’s totally free! Lace up your comfy shoes and get ready to explore hidden nooks, crannies, and breathtaking views that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Dip in the Mediterranean: Beach Time!

And let’s not forget about the beach lovers! While Valletta itself isn’t home to sandy shores, a short trip can take you to some of Malta’s most beautiful coastal spots. Whether you’re up for a lazy day sunbathing or a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean, these beaches are just a stone’s throw away.

Places like St. Peter’s Pool or the sandy beaches of Mellieha Bay are perfect for that classic beach day out. Pack your sunscreen, grab a towel, and you’re all set for a day of sea, sun, and sand. Getting there is easy with public transport or a rental car, and aside from a small fee for loungers or umbrellas (if you choose to rent one), soaking up the sun’s rays is gloriously free.

Nightlife in Valletta 

Ah, Valletta by night – it’s quite the experience! Once the sun dips below the horizon, this historic city transforms into a cozy yet vibrant hub of evening fun. Now, if you’re imagining thumping nightclubs that keep the beats going until the early hours, Valletta might surprise you with something a little different, yet equally delightful.

First up, let’s talk about the wine bars dotted throughout the city. Valletta is brimming with these charming spots where you can sip on a glass of fine wine, perhaps even a local Maltese vintage, in a laid-back atmosphere.

These wine bars are perfect for catching up with friends, enjoying a romantic evening, or simply unwinding after a day of exploration. Prices for a glass of wine start at a friendly €3 to €6, making it a delightful way to taste your way through the island’s vineyards without breaking the bank.

If live music is more your scene, you’re in for a treat. Valletta hosts a variety of venues where local and sometimes international artists showcase their talent. From jazz and blues to something a bit more contemporary, these spots often have no cover charge, though it’s always nice to order a drink or two to support the venue. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in Malta’s rich cultural tapestry and maybe even discover your new favorite band.

The amazing cafes

And then, there are the open-air cafes. Picture this: you’re sitting under the stars in one of Valletta’s beautiful piazzas, savoring a freshly brewed coffee or a cool drink, just taking in the ambience.

These cafes often stay open late, offering a relaxed space to chat, people-watch, or simply enjoy the balmy Mediterranean night. Whether you’re wrapping up your evening or just starting it, these cafes are a must-visit for a taste of the local lifestyle.

Valletta’s nightlife might not keep you out until dawn, but it offers a wonderful blend of relaxation, culture, and socializing. It’s about savoring the moment, whether that’s through a glass of exquisite wine, the melodies of a live band, or the simple pleasure of a night-time stroll through the city’s ancient streets.


Getting around Valletta and exploring its charming surroundings is a breeze, thanks to its handy and varied transportation options. Let’s dive into the friendly and relaxed ways you can navigate this beautiful city and beyond.

Hop on a Bus

Valletta’s public buses are like the city’s colorful, moving landmarks. They’re super easy to use and connect you to pretty much anywhere you’d like to go on the island. Whether you’re heading to a beach, a quaint village, or another historical site, there’s likely a bus that’ll take you there. Plus, it’s an affordable way to travel, with tickets costing just a few euros. And because Valletta is such a compact city, you’re never too far from a bus stop.

Bus in Valletta

Walk This Way

One of the best things about Valletta? It’s totally walkable! The city’s layout invites you to stroll around, with surprises waiting around every corner. From the majestic Grand Harbour to the cozy cafes and bustling squares, you’ll find that walking is not just convenient but also incredibly enjoyable. It’s a fantastic way to soak up the local atmosphere, admire the baroque architecture, and maybe stumble upon a hidden gem or two.

Narrow Streets
Valletta’s narrow streets are very walkable.

Ferry Fun

For a scenic route to some of the neighboring areas, the ferry service is your best friend. It offers quick and delightful trips to Sliema and the Three Cities, letting you enjoy the cool sea breeze and stunning views along the way. The ferries run frequently, making it super convenient to hop on and off. Plus, it’s an affordable option, with tickets that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re shopping in Sliema or exploring the historic streets of the Three Cities, the ferry adds a little extra magic to your journey.

The Charming ‘Dgħajsa’

Now, for a truly unique Maltese experience, you’ve got to try a ride in a traditional ‘dgħajsa’ (pronounced “dye-sa”). These traditional water taxis glide across the harbor, offering a picturesque and quintessentially Maltese way to travel. It’s not just a trip from point A to point B; it’s like stepping back in time and experiencing a piece of Malta’s maritime heritage.

Plus, the boatmen often share stories and tidbits about the city, making the ride even more memorable. Whether you’re crossing the harbor or just looking for a leisurely cruise, a ‘dgħajsa’ ride is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Day Trips

Not only is Valletta a gem in its own right, but it also happens to be the perfect starting point for some amazing day trip adventures. You know, those kind of trips that have you returning with a camera full of photos, a heart full of memories, and maybe a good story or two to share. So, let’s chat about a few spots you can easily jaunt off to for the day.

First up, let’s whisper about the “silent city” of Mdina. Walking through Mdina is like stepping into a storybook of medieval and baroque wonders. The narrow, winding streets guarded by ancient walls hold centuries of stories, just waiting for you to uncover them.

And the architecture? Absolutely stunning. It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful, and it has this serene vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else. Just imagine the cool shade of the alleyways, the soft sound of your footsteps, and the warm glow of the streetlights as the evening sets in. Pure magic!

Then, there are the Three Cities – Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua – sitting pretty across the Grand Harbour. These cities are like the cool cousins of Valletta, each with their own unique flair and tales of knights and sieges. Hop on a traditional dghajsa (a colorful little boat) for a quick ride over the harbor.

Once you’re there, meander through the streets, soak up the maritime history, and maybe stop for a bite at a waterfront café. The views back towards Valletta? Oh, they’re postcard-perfect!

Remember Gozo!

And we can’t forget about Gozo. This little island is like stepping into a relaxed, greener, and more rural version of Malta. It’s a short ferry ride away, but it feels like a world apart. Gozo is all about taking it easy, enjoying the slower pace of life. You’ve got the stunning Azure Window ruins – okay, so the window itself might have taken a bow to the sea, but the site remains breathtakingly beautiful.

Then there’s the rugged coastline, inviting coves, and the charming villages dotted around the island. Whether you’re into hiking, history, or just want to chill by the sea, Gozo’s got you covered.

These day trips from Valletta are like little escapes into different worlds – each with its own vibe and stories. The best part? You get to come back to Valletta at the end of the day, maybe a little tired, but oh so full of new experiences

Local Customs and Etiquette

Ah, diving into the local customs and etiquette of Malta is like being wrapped in a warm, welcoming embrace. The Maltese are renowned for their hospitality, making visitors feel right at home with their kindness and generosity. As you meander through the charming streets of Malta or find yourself soaking in the vibrant local culture, here are a few tips to help you blend in beautifully and respect the local way of life.

Dressing for the Occasion

When you’re stepping into one of Malta’s majestic churches, think of it as entering someone’s home. You’d want to show respect and dress modestly. This doesn’t mean you need to be overly formal, but covering shoulders and knees is a thoughtful gesture that the locals will appreciate. It’s all about showing respect for the spiritual and cultural significance these places hold. Plus, it gives you a fantastic reason to don that stylish scarf or shawl you’ve been wanting to wear!

A Friendly Greeting Goes a Long Way

Maltese people have a way of making you feel like an old friend, and a simple greeting can open the door to this warm community. Try throwing a “Hello” or “Good morning” into the mix, and if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a go in Maltese—’Bongu’ (pronounced bon-joo). It’s not just about the words; it’s the smile and the nod that accompany them that truly make the difference. You’ll be amazed at how such a small gesture can lead to heartfelt exchanges and even invitations to share a cup of tea or stories of the island’s rich history.

Embracing the Pace

One of the most enchanting aspects of Malta is its relaxed pace of life. This laid-back vibe is a significant part of the local customs. Whether you’re waiting for your meal in a quaint café or taking in the sights at a leisurely pace, remember, here, the journey is just as important as the destination. The Maltese know how to savor the moment, and by adopting this mindset, you’ll not only respect the local customs but also enrich your travel experience.

Participating with Respect

The Maltese calendar is dotted with festivals and public celebrations, showcasing the island’s rich traditions and communal spirit. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting during one of these vibrant events, feel free to join in the festivities. Just remember, while it’s a joyous occasion, participating with respect and mindfulness of the cultural significance of these events will endear you further to the local community.

Travel Tips and Practical Information

Here’s a little scoop to make your trip as smooth as a sea breeze. First off, when it comes to money, Malta rolls with the Euro, so no need to juggle different currencies if you’re hopping around Europe.

Now, let’s talk language. English is widely spoken here, which means you’ll have no trouble asking for directions, ordering that mouth-watering pastizzi, or making friends with locals. It’s like a linguistic holiday for English speakers!

Safety-wise, Malta is pretty chill. It’s one of those places where you can wander around feeling secure. However, just like anywhere else, keeping an eye on your belongings is wise, especially in crowded spots. Think of it as being cautious, not paranoid. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose your camera with all those awesome shots, right?

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

Here at GreetingsFromAbroad, we’re all about embracing the beauty of the places we visit while making sure we leave them just as lovely for the next adventurers. When you’re wandering through the stunning city of Valletta, we’ve got some heart-to-heart advice to make your trip not only unforgettable but also kind to our planet.

Support Local, Feel Local

First off, diving into local businesses is like giving a high-five to the community. Whether it’s savoring a meal at a family-run trattoria, picking up souvenirs from local artisans, or staying in charming guesthouses, your choices help keep the authentic spirit of Valletta alive and kicking. Plus, you get to experience the genuine warmth and stories of the folks who call this place home.

Shops in Valletta
A few small local businesses in Valletta. It is always a good thing to support local businesses.

Step Lightly on Sacred Grounds

Valletta is a treasure trove of history, with every cobblestone and corner telling tales of yore. When you’re exploring these historical wonders, a little respect goes a long way. Stick to the paths, keep the selfie stick in check around delicate sites, and remember that these spots are as much a part of Malta’s heritage as they are your Instagram feed. It’s all about making memories while preserving the past for future dreamers.

Walk, Wander, and Wonder

Now, let’s talk about getting around. Ditching the car for public transport or your own two feet isn’t just a win for Mother Earth; it’s your ticket to discovering Valletta’s hidden gems. Walking the city’s charming streets lets you soak in the vibes at your own pace, stumble upon quaint cafes, and strike up conversations with locals. And for longer jaunts, public transport is a breeze – it’s easy on the wallet and lets you see the city like a local, all while keeping your carbon footprint smaller than a pastizzi crumb.

Immerse Yourself, Sustainably

Finally, embracing Valletta with a sustainable heart means you get to immerse yourself in its beauty, knowing you’re helping preserve it for the next wave of wanderers. It’s about making those travel tales not just about where you went, but how you tread lightly, touched hearts, and left a place just a bit brighter.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Trip to Valletta, Malta (:

We’re super thrilled you’ve chosen to embark on this incredible journey to Valletta, and guess what? You’re not going alone! The team at GreetingsFromAbroad.com together with the ever-enthusiastic Explore With Kojo have put their heads together to craft this travel guide just for you. Our mission? To make sure your Valletta escapade is as enriching and unforgettable as the rich tapestry of history this city weaves.

Think of this guide as your trusty companion, one that’s brimming with insider tips, must-visit spots, and little secrets that only the locals know. We’re here to help you navigate through Malta’s prized capital, ensuring that you soak up every bit of its charm and splendor. From the sun-kissed limestone buildings to the lively streets that pulse with history and modern vibrancy, Valletta is a city that promises stories at every turn.

Welcome to this jewel in the Mediterranean! Here, every cobblestone beneath your feet has a tale to tell, from knights and sieges to artists and poets who have all left their mark. With our guide in hand, you’re all set to discover these stories, uncover hidden gems, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

So, lace up your walking shoes, charge your camera, and bring along your sense of wonder—Valletta awaits to reveal its secrets to you. Let’s make this adventure as rich and memorable as the city’s storied past. Welcome aboard, and let the journey begin!

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